ColoDetox XR Scam Beware!

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Don't give your credit card number for $2.49 shipping and handling charges for a "free trial" of ColoDetox XR a "colon cleanser" at

You will receive one bottle of 60 capsules of the junk, and then your credit card will be charged $89 for your "free" trial bottle.

I called get a refund and was told there was no returns or refunds but they would email me a coupon for $100 of vitamins. They kept saying we should have read the fine print.

You can buy a clense for $20. I was ripped off big time! Call 877-871-0362 if you have already got a free sample and cancel before it is too late!

Do not fall for colodetox xr *free trial* fraudulent scam

Reston, Virginia 4 comments

You will see Colodetox advertized all over, in chats, on the net. The latest colon cleanse scam to hit the net. They claim to have a natural product that will cleanse your system, improving health, skin and weight.

What they advertise is a free 14 day trial for $2.49. What they don't advertise is that after 14 days, your credit card is charged $100! Soon you will recieve another bottle with the same charge! When you call to return sealed bottle, they offer $34 back for the return. You say you do not want it, it does not work, they say they will send you two more bottles, but not your money back, that you may need more time for it to work. Then they keep repeating *you have to read our terms online*-(wherever that may be), it is not readily visible, nor is there any contact information.

Many internet pirates now use this latest consumer cover-up to sell volumnes to the unsuspecting, but few are this unforgiving! They won't budge! Fraudulent advertising! Be warned! Warn others! If you need a colon cleanse, you can do so for under $20. Check out Vitacost or i-herb, or one of the many other reputable vitamin/supplements e-stores online.



The same thing happened to me. I returned unopened the package with the new bottles, but continued to get charges. I finally had to close my credit card account.


this just came I don't know why.I have a feeling they are jerks.


well I got it but haven't used it it was a sponsor for a free gift online... basically i called to cancel before 14 days the said ok...

then Ijust got a bottle of this stuff for free cause they never charged me and I didn't have to ship it back.

Why are you so angry they charged you man? It is a 14 day free trial your the one who didn't cancel before the end of the trial so obviously your gonna get charged that's how SH** works brother!!


Any person that believes that this stuff would possibly work cannot be all there

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